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You know you work with small children when…


…You get to the end of your break and notice that your coffee has a small sprinkling of glitter on the surface.

…You have learnt the Spanish for: ‘I need a wee.’

‘I need a poo.’

‘I’ve done a poo. Look!’

‘I’ve done a poo in my pants.’

Great. That’s really gonna help me pass my Spanish exam. Thanks, kids.

…It’s November 5th and you already have Christmas songs stuck in your head. The kids are only 4 years old and have to learn TEN English songs plus two Spanish ones – in TWO weeks! I never want to hear a jingle bell ever again.

…You have to say things like, ‘No, don’t play in Pepe’s wee!’

‘Please don’t slap Paula because you want to play with the unicorn.’

‘I’m very sad that you’ve put the blue paint in Juan’s hair. Please go and wash your hands.’

Yes, this is what I get paid to do now. All those years of studying… But you know what? I have fun every day; even if the fun is interspersed with tearing my hair out.


Lamentations of an Irish Girl in Spain


Oh for a potato masher!

It is isn’t much to ask.

Having to use a giant fork

just isn’t up to task.