The Love Affair


It’s a love affair I sometimes wish I’d never started. I know that some people think it’s wrong, but it just feels so right. Now I live in Spain, it is more difficult for us to see each other, but I make sure it happens every now and then. Why do I love you so, Starbucks? Let me count the ways…

I love that when I am homesick, you are there with a hot drink and a warm embrace. You just get it so right! Your coffee is smooth and there is an excitement of options. Sometimes you tempt me with your festive flavours, or my old favourite, caramel macchiato, to sweeten my day.

I love your familiarity. When I sip the sweet coffee of Starbucks, I could be anywhere. I am back home in the pretty city, living in my own language,  choc chip muffins ahoy.

You are so good at what you do! From the comfy sofas to the Frank Sinatra floating softly through the aroma of freshly ground coffee, you always give me exactly what I want. Decent coffee being almost non-existent here in Valencia,  I can even overlook your massive exercise in UK tax-dodging, for lack of other available options.

So you see Starbucks, it isn’t really just about the coffee (though it is, a bit). It is about all the small things you do so well that just keep me coming back for more. Also known as: excellent branding and marketing. I’ve always been a sucker for buying experiences rather than material goods. Even short experiences that cost me €3.90 a cup (with some version of my name scrawled on it).



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