Meet The Family


I am waiting to meet the two daughters of the Italian to whom I once taught English. He wants me to teach another of his daughters, too, and his wife. I wonder how relevant The  Godfather is at this moment? I only saw it last week. Should I mention it? It’s a great film. If I accept this job, will I be indebted to ‘the family?’ If I’m moonlighting for them, saving up for my wedding (coincidentally, in Italy) will they call a favour in from me one day? Maybe they’ll want me to teach English to their hit man so he can go and ‘whack’ someone in the States?  Is this a good idea, to get involved with an Italian family, teaching them English? Their cafe here seems so friendly and welcoming but in the  cellar…Plenty of places to hide dead bodies. At least I don’t own a prize race-horse!


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