Monthly Archives: June 2015

“Let me Google that…”


Digital native, digital immigrant. If you’re in your early 30s and have grown up in the UK the chances are you know how to use a PC/Mac or at least the Internet, right?

Recently, I have happened upon several friends who I know without a doubt are digitally proficient, probably much more so than I. Still, when I mention a place to meet in our mini-city, I am often met with, “I don’t know where that is.” Now, I have no problem with them not knowing where somewhere is, but why, pray tell me, don’t you just goddam Google it? I mean, you’ve messaged me via Whatsapp on a smartphone; I know that you have Internet access, so why don’t you Google it?

A step on from this happens when I am telling someone to meet me in a place that I don’t know either. “So, where is that, then?” they email me, from their PC. Hmm, just let me Google it, find the information, then send it to you while you sit on your arse, in front of your PC, online.

I find this phenomenon increasingly frustrating. Don’t people realise that by the time they have emailed/messaged me, I have read it, Googled their questions and messaged them back, they could have done the job themselves three times over?

Apparently I am not the only one to experience this irritation. Some bright/pissed off character has created a fantastic resource for those too lazy to find their own answer and those of us who want to scream at them. It is called, Let me Google that for you. So, when one of your friends asks a question that they could easily answer for themselves, type their question into the box on this link and send it to them:

They get their answer; you get your point across 🙂